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Details About Nobel Prize & Winners Lists from India

Nobel Prize has given by the Swedish and Norwegian institutions Since 1901 in various Categories. This award is given for Outstanding Contribution in the Related Subject. This award given in Six Different Field. These Field are

  • Literature 
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Peace
  • Physiology or Medicine
  • Economics (Established In 1968 & First given in 1969)

This award is given in the memory of  Alfred Nobel. Annually Prize Ceremony takes place at Stockholm (Sweden) But for Peace Award given at Oslo, Norway.

List of Noble Prize Winners those belongs to India is given below. A request to All the Visitors Must Read Full article.

Rabindranath Tagore (1913) : Literature

Rabinderanath Tagore was the Famous Poet of India & He was awarded for his best book “Geetanjali” in 1913. He was the First Indian Who get this award.

 C V Raman (Chandra Shekar Venkata Raman) (1930) : Physics

Sir C.V. Raman was awarded for his Contribution in Physics in 1930. He worked on Scattering of Light (Raman Effect).

Dr. Har Gobind Khorana (1968) : Medicine or Physiology 

He was awarded for this with two Others Robert W. Holley and Marshall W. Nirenberg for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis.

Mother Teresa (1979) : Peace 

She was awarded in 1979 in Peace Category. She give contribution to spread Education & to overcome from Poverty in India.

Dr.Subramanian Chandrashekar (1983) : Physics

He was awarded in 1983 for his theory on stars Commonly known as “Chandrasekhar Limit”.  He is the son of the elder brother of Dr. CV Raman (Nobel Prize Winner).

Dr. Amartya Sen (1998) : Economics

He was award in 1998 for his contribution to welfare Economics. He worked in various theory related to Poverty, Development & Social Fare.

V.S. Naipaul (2001) : Literature

He is the Citizen of United Kingdom & awarded for this in 2001 for his contribution in Literature.

Dr.Venkataraman Ramakrishnan (2009) : Chemistry

He was awarded for this with Two Others Thomas Steitz and Ada Yonath For studies of the structure and function of the ribosome.

Kailash Satyarthi (2014) : Peace 

He was awarded Jointly with Malala Yousafzai (From Pakistan) for Struggle Against Suppression of Children & For the Right  of all Children to Education.

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