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Top 50 One Word Substitutions For Competitive Exams 2017

Now a Days, Everyone whose lies between 18-27 looking for a Government Job. Every year, A huge number of Youths appears in Different Competitive exams & Competition for Getting a Government Job is increasing Day by Day. Almost Exams ask General English in written Examination But only Few Candidates gets Success in this Part. In General English Questions Related to Antonyms, Synonyms, One Word Substitutions, Idioms, Phrases, Sentence Arrangement are given in Examination. Some Important “One Word Substitutions” are given below in the Article.Recently, If You will going to take part in any examination, Must Read this Article.

Top 50 One Word Substitutions : – 

(1) Abridge :- Shorten or Cut Down.

(2) Adolescence : Age Between Boyhood and Youth.

(3) Allusive : Suggestive or Symbolical.

(4) Atheist :  A person who does not believe in God.

(5) Amputate : Cutting the Infected part of Body.

(6) Aristocracy : Government by Nobles.

(7) Aquatic : Animal or Plants who lives in Water.

(8) Amphibian : Animal Which live both Water & Land.

(9) Anthology : Collections of Poems.

(10) Ambidextrous : One who use Both hand to Write.

(11) Armature : One who learns a Subject as a Hobby.

(12) Anarchist : One who Destroy Law & Order.

(13) Apiary :  Bee House

(14) Aviary : Bird House

(15) Bevy : Groups of Girls or ladies.

(16) Bigamy : Having two wife or husband at a time.

(17) Blasphemy : Speak Disrespectfully about God.

(18) Creche : A Children Nursery for Care .

(19) Carnivorous : One who lives on Flesh.

(20) Cynosure : A Centre of Attraction.

(21) Cavalry : Soldiers with Horse.

 (22) Cartographer : One who Draw Maps.

(23) Drawn : When Neither Party wins in Game.

(24)  Fanatic : Bigot Or Excessive enthusiasms in Religious matters

(25) Fratricide : Murder of Brother.

(26) Feminist : One who Works for Welfare of Women

(27) Genocide : Murder of Race

(28) Bankrupt : Insolvent or One who unable to pay his debts.

(29) Indelible : Can’t be Erased.

(30) Itinerant : One who Travel Place to Place.

(31) Infantry : Soldiers Who fight on Foot.

(32) Kennel : Place for Dogs

(33) Linguist : One who speaks foreign Languages.

(34) Matricide : Murder of Mother.

(35) Mint : Where Coins are made.

(36) Optimist : One who looks Brighter Side of Things.

(37) Opaque : Not Transparent

(38) Pessimist : One who looks Darker Side of Things.

(39) Patricide : Murder of Father.

(40) Plagiarism : Literary Theft.

(41) Plutocracy : Govt. By Rich People.

(42) Pedant : Pretender to Learning.

(43) Polyglot : One who speaks many languages.

(44) Somnambulist : Any Person Who walks in Sleep.

(45) Somniloquist : Any Person Who Talks in Sleep.

(46) Teetotaller : One Who Doesn’t take Alcoholic Drink

(47) Uxoricide : Murder of Wife.

(48) Volunteer : One who offer one’s services.

(49) Versatile : One who Clever in Many Things.

(50)  Veteran : One who has a Long Experience.

We will provide you the Some More One Word Substitutions in upcoming days. If you have any suggestion regarding this or you want any PDF File Important One Word Substitutions must comment.


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