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Important Synonyms for Competitive Exams 2017

Synonyms is word that means nearly or exactly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. As viewpoint of Competitive exams it is an Important topic. In Every Competitive Exams like Entrance Test, SSC (CGL, CHSL, J.E, Steno, CPO, MTS, etc.), Bank (Clerk, PO), LIC, AAO, UPSC, UPSSSC, etc. questions comes from this topic. You need to stay update Regarding this topic & learn New words & also try to read the previous years question on Synonyms. Some Important Question of Synonyms is given below.

Word Meaning Synonym
Remoteदूर (faraway) Distant
Detestनफरत करना (feel intense or violent dislike) Hate
Graciousदयालु (considerate in social
Predictभविष्यवाणी करना (declare in advance)Foretell
Kinसम्बन्धी ( people with common ancestors)Relatives
Pensiveविचारमग्न (moodily or dreamily)Thoughtful
Banishनिकाल देना (to drive out from home or country)Exile
Fraudधोखा Imposter
Saccharineसुमधुर Overly sweet
Dragधकेलना, खींचना Pull
Jovialप्रसन्न (good humored)Merry
Indifferentसाधारण Neutral
Simulateदिखावा करना Imitate
Charismaआकर्षण Magnetic charm or appeal
Apportionविभाजित करना (share out)Divide
Genericसामान्य General
Qualmसंदेह Scruple
जागरूक Cautious
Distortतोड़ मरोड़ करना ( twist out of a normal state)Deform
Sumptuousकीमती (excessively costly, rich) Luxurious
Reelलडखडाना (to move round and round)Whirl
Inscrutableरहस्यमय ( not easily interpreted or understood)Mysterious
Appallनाराज होना (to overcome with shock)Dismay
Uprightसरल, सीधा Honorable or vertical
Reverieदिवास्वपन daydream
Lootलूटना (goods seized in war)Spoils
Loquaciousबातूनी (garrulous)Excessively talkative
Chimeraभ्रम ( fabrication of the mind) illusion
Temerityगुस्ताखी ( unreasonable contempt for danger or
Educeनिकालना Elicit
Nabobनबाब Bigwig
हिम्मत खो देना Satiating
अतिपवित्र Sacred
संदिग्ध Indecent
बुलंद Loud

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Updated: April 28, 2017 — 8:45 pm

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