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Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exams Part – I

Phrasal Verb is an Important Topic for Every Competitive Exams. Nearly about 2-3 Questions comes from this topic. Almost Every Participants not get Success in this Topic. You Can Get Success after Read Again & Again this topic & examples Related to This topic. The Important Phrasal Verbs Which asked in the Different papers is given below. A request to all the Visitors, Please Read all the Phrasal Verbs with Attentiveness & Must try to Write these in your Notebook.

Let’s Try to Know the Meaning or Definition of Phrasal Verb ???

When a verb Combines with an Adverb, Preposition Such a Verb+Adverb, Verb+Preposition combination is called Phrasal Verb. Some Important Phrasal Verb is given below.

  • Bear Away : Win : The young actor bore away the award for his debut film.
  • Bear Down : Crush : The ruling party easily bore down all the allegations of the opposition party.
  • Bear Out : Somebody : No body will bear you out in his proposal.
  • Bear Up : Not give way/Keep up Spirits: She bore up patiently with all the ill treatments imposed upon her by her drunkard husband.
  • Break away : Run away : The notorious criminal broken away from the police Custody.
  • Break Down : Fall : One should try not to break down even in the hours of crisis.
  • Break In : (a) to Train : I want a trainer to break in my poodle.
  • Break In : (b) Illegal or violent entry into a house etc. : The police broke in to raid the suspected dwelling place of the terrorists.
  • Break into : Enter by force : The dacoits broke into the bank at pint of revolver.
  • Break Off : Stop Suddenly : The bomb explosion made the leader break off in the middle of his speech.
  • Break open : Break by force : Something is burning inside let’s break open the latched door.
  • Break Out : Appear/Suddenly : Epidemic has broken out in the city.
  • Break through : Make a way through : He succeeded in breaking through all hassles that came in his way.
  • Break up : Come to an end : The two day’s conference of the political party broke up today at 4 p.m.
  • Break up : Disperse : The police used tear gas to break up the agitated mass.
  • Break up : Separate at the end of term : We are going to break up tomorrow and would not meet again until our next session starts.
  • Break upon : Come upon Suddenly : The police broke upon the robbers and arrested them.
  • Break with : Quarrel with : The tortured wife doesn’t want to break with her drunkard husband for her children sake.
  • Break the ice : To get over the first Difficulties : Ones real courage is tested by the confidence he breaks the ice with.
  • Bring about : Cause to happen : His extravagance brought about his bankruptcy.
  • Bring in : Yield : His books brought in a high position for him in the literary field.
  • Bring On : Cause : Hedonism in balanced diet brings on many ailments.
  • Bring Out : Publish : Nowadays the publishers bring out the revised edition of demandable books almost every year.
  • Bring Round : Cause somebody to regain consciousness : The doctor instructed to splash cold water on the face of the patient to bring her round from her unconsciousness.
  • Bring Round to : Persuade : Great preceptors have the inborn quality of bringing others round to their way of thinking.
  • Bring Up : Raise for Discussion : The woman reservation bill was brought up in the parliament session.
  • Bring Up : Rear, Educate : In our culture, the mother is solely responsible for bringing up children well.

We will provide you the More Phrasal Verb in the upcoming days. A request to all the Visitors, Please give feedback through comments. Thanks To All.

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