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Important One Word Substitutions For Competitve Exams Part – II

Every year, A huge number of Recruitment notifications for various posts publish by Related Department. A huge number of Eligible candidates appears in these examination but only some candidates get success Because of not getting good marks in English. In this article we trying to provide you the Some useful One Word Substitutions given by Christopher Phoenix & Other Good Teachers.

  •  The study of mountains. — ORALOGY
  • One who lives at the same time— CONTEMPORARY
  • One who cure eye disease— OCULIST
  • The art of preserving skin. — TAXIDERMY,
  • One who lives at the same time— CONTEMPORARY
  • The science of colours — CHROMATICS
  • The study of languages. — PHILOLOGY
  • The study of rocks and soils. — GEOLOGY
  • The study of the origin and history of words. — ETYMOLOGY
  • One who settles in another country. — IMMIGRANT
  • The art of effective speaking. — ELOCUTION
  • The study of ancient writing. — PALEOGRAPHY
  • Violating religious things. — SACRILEGE
  • One who is given to the pleasure of the flesh. — EPICURE
  • Killing one’s father — PATRICIDE
  • The science of the structure of the human body. — ANATOMY
  • A record or table showing the descent of a person or a family. — GENEALOGY
  • One who flaunts newly acquired wealth. — PARVENU
  • Causing or tending to cause sleep. — SOPORIFIC
  • A payment to legally binding but for which she moral obligation is felt. — EX GRATIA
  • Mania for travel —— DROMOMANIA
  • An official bulletin. — COMMUNIQUE
  • A long wandering journey. — ODYSSEY.
  • Incapable of being burnt. — INCOMBUSTIBLE
  • A speech or writing praying a person or a thing — PANEGYRIC
  • Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape — TOPIARY
  • A treatise on one subject. — IMMACULATE
  • One who comes from a village and considered stupid —— BUMPKIN
  • To move along with quick short twisting actions —— WRIGGLE
  • Fault that may be forgiven —— VENIAL
  • Morning prayer —— MATIN
  • Persuasive and fluent speech —— ELOQUENCE
  • Science of printing —— TYPOGRAPHY
  • One who pretends illness to escape duty —— MALINGERER
  • One who pays too much attention to his clothes and appearance —— DANDY
  • People in a rowdy scene —— RABBLE
  • Power of reading thoughts of others —— TELEPATHY
  • Things that bring gentle and painless death from incurable disease —— EUTHANASIA
  • A person leaving his native country to settle in another. — EMIGRANT
  • Song sung at a burial —— DIRGE
  • A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge —— PEDANTIC
  • Equal in rank —— PEER
  • The normal abode of any animal or plant —— HABITAT
  • Using of new words —— NEOLOGY
  • Fear of water —— Hydrophobia
  • Use of more words than are needed to express the meaning ——PLEONASM
  • Forcing out (blood etc.) from its vessel —— EXTRAVASATE
  • The science of judging of a person’s character capabilities etc. from an examination of the shape of his skull —— PHRENOLOGY
  • A person who gives written testimony for use in a court —— DEPONENT
  • A person without objective reality —— HALLUCINATION
  • A person concerned with practical results and values —— PRAGMATIST

We will provide you the Next Part related to One Word Substitutions soon. If you have any questions or doubt regarding this, you may ask. For more updates like Indian History, NCERT Books etc open our webpage. Thanks to all.

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