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Punjab & Haryana High Court Clerk Answer Key : Exam Held on 26th March 2017

Punjab & Haryana High Court published the official notification for the various posts Clerk in December 2016. A number of Eligible candidates applied online for these posts & appear in the written test held on 26th March 2017 at various centres of different cities. Now all the Candidates looking for Answer Key Haryana Court Clerk Exam 2017. According to our, Official Answer Key will release soon by SSSC soon at their official website in the upcoming days But the Expected or un-official Exam Solution Haryana Court Clerk Exam 2017 is given below.

  • What is the Vedic Name of river “Ravi” ???? (Answer : Purushni)
  •  Inflation Implies (Answer : Rise in General price index)
  • The First Computer mouse was buility by (Answer : Doughlas Engelbart)
  • After Virender Sehwag, who is the only Indian Cricketer to have scored a triple century test cricket ? (Answer : Karun Nair)
  • Which was the first metal used by man (Answer : Copper)
  • Which is not part of Solar System (Answer : Comets)
  • Ayurveda” owes its origin to (Answer : Atharava Veda
  • In a Computer, Which device is functionally opposite to a keyboard (Answer : Printer)
  • who developed integrated chip (Answer : J.S. Kilibi)
  • In which language did Budhha preach (Answer : Pali)
  • Which is the home of “Alphonso Mango (Answer : Banaras)
  • The only president of India who was elected unopposed is (Answer : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy )
  • The main thinking part of the brain is (Answer : forebrain)
  • The terms “sufi” is derived from ( Answer : A type of garment)
  • When did the RTI Act come into force (Answer : 2005)
  • Which animal can also cause rabies (Answer : Bat)
  • Amir Khusrau played a major role in the development of (Answer : Khari Boli)
  • In which part of the human body, the smallest bone is found (Answer : Ear)
  • The youngest mountain range in the world (Answer : Himalaya)
  • Which Mughal King tried to stop the practice of “sati” (Answer : Akbar)
  • Who was known as “Plato of the Jat Tribe” ? (Answer : Suraj Mal)
  • The driest place in India (Answer : Leh)
  • Zojila pass connects (Answer : Leh & Srinagar)
  • Golden Fiber refer to (Answer : Jute)
  • The concept of “liberty, equality & fraternity’ in our constitution was derived from (Answer : French Revolution)
  • Which of the Tennis player is Joint Second at present in the list of men’s Grand Slam title winners in the lawn tennis (Answer : Rafel Nadal)
  • Who among the following enjoys the rank of Cabinet Minister in Union Cabinet (Answer : Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission)
  • Blood Group Discover by (Answer : Landsteiner)
  • The color of Stars depend on (Answer : Temperature)
  • The Fourth State of Matter is known as (Answer : Plasma)
  • Spectacles used for viewing 3D films are (Answer : Bifocal lens)
  • The Holy book of Parsis (Answer : Zend Avesta)
  • Movie Name (Answer : Lagaan)
  • Where is the first fully solar powered Airport in the World (Answer : Cochin)
  • Who from the following is an awardee of both the Nobel Prize and Bhart Ratna (Answer : Mother Teresa)
  • “Slumdong Millionaire” film is based on the Book “Question & Answer” written by (Answer : Vikas Swarup)
  • To whom the line “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is attributed (Answer : John Keats)
  • Which CEO of World bank recently praised demonetization move of Indian Government (Answer : Kristalina Georgieva)
  • Who was the First Test Centurion in Indian Cricket (Answer : Lala Amarnath)
  • Thomas Cup is related to (Answer : Badminton)
  • The highest title in Judo is (Answer : Black Belt)
  • The name of train “Shatabdi Experess” Refer to the Centenary of (Answer : Jawaharlal Nehru)
  • Talking to one’s own self is (Answer : Soliloquy)
  • Place well known for embroidery form of “Chikankari” (Answer : Lucknow)
  • R.K. Laxman died on January 26, 2015 He was leading of India (Answer : Cartoonist)
  • First Recipient of Bhart Ratan Award (Answer : C.V. Raman)
  • Book is Not Written by Jawahalal nehure (Answer : My experiments with Truth)
  • AGMARK is a guarantee of standard (Answer : Quality)
  • Supreme Commander in Chief of armed forces of the Country (Answer : President)
  • “Red Data Book” Contains information about (Answer : Rare Plants and animal under threat)
  • Antonym of OBSCURE (Answer : Explicit)
  • Antonym of AVERSION (Answer : Liking)
  • Antonym of TACITURN (Answer : Talkative)
  • Synonym of ANNIHILATE (Answer : Destroy)
  • Synonym of CONTENTMENT (Answer : Satisfaction)
  • Synonym of YOB (Answer : Aggressive)
  • Phrase : A hater of learning and knowledge (Answer : Misologist)
  • Phrase : A disease which spreads by contact (Answer : Contagious)
  • The Old gentleman ………. to be a very good friend of my grandfather (Answer : Turned Out)
  • I saw a  ……. of Cows in the field (Answer : herd) 
  • Fall
  • Personal 
  • consist 
  • addressed 
  • editor 
  • correspondence 
  • language 
  • lucid 
  • objective 
  • malicious 

For more updates stay with us. If you have any question or doubt regarding this please comment your Question. We will trying to provide the best answer as soon as possible. Thanks to all. Official Answer Key Court Clerk 2017 will come within Week at the official website of SSSC at


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